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At my first visit to Thrive Health and Wellness, I wasn't sure what to expect.  After all, my entire life I've relied on Western medicine ideas and techniques to stay healthy.


But after a nearly decade-long struggle with acid reflux disease, and prescriptions with side effects that seemed to be making my health worse instead of better, I decided I needed to be open to trying something else.


And that's exactly what I found at Thrive Health and Wellness - an alternative to the reactionary approach of Western medicine.


In my first visit, Charity performed a baseline health assessment on me with her BioScan tool.  In a nutshell, the BioScan is basically a fancy machine that can analyze the health of various systems within a body.


I was extremely skeptical of whether the BioScan was actually worth anything.  Meridian lines?  Electrical impulses sent through my body?  To me, non-Western medicine always seemed like a bunch of unscientific snake oil that people scammed ignorant people with.


But then I saw the types of things this machine was recognizing.  It wasn't mumbo-jumbo.


It seemed ... real.


The machine detected that I had specific toxins in my body that I was 100% certain were toxins I actually was exposed to. (Pesticides, paint thinners, etc.)  It also recognized specific things that I was allergic to (dogs, cats, pollen, etc.).


These were not toxins or allergens that the machine could generically say everyone was allergic  or exposed to.


It also identified that parts of my digestive system were out of balance.  Again, this didn't seem like something the machine could generically detect in everyone.


I was beginning to grow less skeptical of this machine's accuracy.


After my scan was complete, Charity began looking at some of the biggest health issues identified during the scan.  From there, she recommended I make specific adjustments to some lifestyle areas and recommended some supplements and tinctures that would support those recommendations.


I left skeptical - but open-minded and optimistic that this process might work.


How did things go after that?  


Surprisingly well, to be honest.


The tincture protocols that Charity recommended, in conjunction with lowering my stress levels through the use of aroma therapy essential oils, have brought me to the point where my acid reflux symptoms no longer require any prescription medication at all.  


What else could I ask for?


It might sound silly, but it's awesome to be able to sleep on my stomach at night without nighttime reflux being a problem.


So overall, I am amazed by the health progress that I have made as a result of visiting Thrive Health and Wellness.


And, if my own experiences aren't enough to prove my health is improving, then there is a more objective measure that is.  In other words, my scans keep showing that I'm better in balance by following Charity's tincture and supplement recommendations.  


So, is Thrive for you?  Well, I can't answer that.


If you're skeptical of non-Western medicine, I recommend that you continue to be.  


There are a lot of scams out there.  


Thankfully, Thrive Health and Wellness isn't one on that list.


I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking for the chance to be proactive with their health and promote a lifestyle of wellness. You'll be glad you did.


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